IS EASY AS 1 2 3 4

  • STEP 1: Register with us. We will send you a letter of acceptance from your school.
  • STEP 2: Apply for your CANADIAN Study Permit
  • STEP 3: Get Health insurance through your school, or an Insurance company in your country
  • STEP 4: Book your ticket
STEP 1 2 3 4


Find the office where you should send your application to study or visit Canada. Start by choosing one of the options below (Click your language):

If you do not see your country of origin here visit the Canada Immigration page, (the first web site on the list above) click on your country from the map, and choose the closest office near your city.

If you have problems with the page contact us for help.

If you choose to stay in homestay it gives you the freedom to do other things. Leaving in a homestay you do not have to worry about shopping and preparing meals. Your homestay will do that for you. You have the choice for half board that includes breakfast and dinner (supper), or you can choose 3 meals a day to include lunch.

Breakfast – Canadian breakfast choices are: cereal, toast, jam, peanut butter, eggs, fruit, etc., students usually prepare their own breakfast based on the foods the host provides for them.

Lunch – is usually sandwiches, a fruit and a drink or dinner left overs.
Remember, if you choose to purchase 2 meal plan, then you are responsible for buying your lunch 7 days per week.

Dinner – Dinner is the biggest meal of the day. Dinner is a full balance meal and varies from family to family.
* Dinner time is usually eaten with the family between 6:30 PM and 7:30 PM. Try to be home for dinner, it will be the best time to have a conversation with the family, and other students in the house, to exercise your English and learn about different cultures, as everyone usually gets together to share the events of their day.